July 17, 2015

Rumpletilskinz "What Is A Rumpletilskinz?" (The Source, 9/93)

"Perhaps you remember this group from Charlie Brown's line on "Sound of the Zeekers," when he said "Down with the Rumpletil and I love to hit skinz." Perhaps you got open to their debut single, "Attitudes." Well, regardless of where you recognize this group, you owe it to yourself to settle down with a pair of good headphones, your walkman and maybe a fat blunt, so you can best lose yourself in this album's sea of dope tracks. Jeranimo (former dancer of L.O.N.S.), L.S. (former roommate of Busta Rhymes) and Shanow form a recipe for hip-hop success with rough lyrics and smooth rhyme flow connecting with rugged beats and simple, energetic melodies that keep you absorbed in the music. At a time when everyone and their mother seems to be copying Busta Rhymes' gruff voice style, this group delivers an album that sets them apart from the crowd. The Skinz possess the ability to take elements of popular rap trends, flip the script and create a unique sound. If you can imagine a group with the verbal dexterity of the Leaders of the New School but capable of a rough Onyx-like delivery, then you know what to expect." Peep "Attitudes," cont'd...

"While you don't really have to fast-forward much here, those who like to skip around will strike immediate gold with cuts like "Sweet Theory," with its blend of rough voices and soothing melodies, and the crowd-moving excitement of "Hudz" and "Mad M.F.'s." For you kids with boomin' systems, we have "Is It Alright?" and "Earthquake," which are perfect for red light system battles. My favorite cut, "Mushroom Talk," takes the "get high" fad to a new level as the Skinz introduce 'shrooms to the musical drug scene. In terms of quality and consistency, this album easily has what it takes to compete with this summer's best. Strong Island wins again." - The Source, 9/93