July 25, 2015

A Moment of Reflection

It’s been difficult to speak about this, especially at any length, so I’ve kept to sharing the links from Blueprint with more information. For me … I am just extremely grateful that my brother, Supastition, as well as Blueprint & DJ Rare Groove, were not severely injured in this car accident on the King No Crown Tour. You can see from the total damage to the van, it was a near fatal accident, but with God’s grace, they walked away from it virtually unscathed. The support that has been shown has been overwhelming, no question, and the money donated will surely be put to great use helping Blueprint get his business back up and running, but … much more than that is being able to learn (from a distance in mine & your case) how quickly things can go left. I urge you not to wait for life to show you how unpredictable it can be - tell people as clearly and as simply as you can how much you love and appreciate them. With that, countless other blessings will become more obvious & life much more purposeful. This will likely be the last I’ll speak on this, I just look forward to seeing Supastition get back home to his family safely. Peace and Love. - Sav. Follow Supastition.