July 28, 2015

Noveliss "Toonami Tsunamis" (EP Stream)

Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces is back with a brand new EP, produced entirely by Scott Xylo. Noveliss says, "I'm a huge Anime fan and if it weren't for Toonami I probably wouldn't be that way. When I was a kid me and my brother used to rush home for Dragon Ball Z and that was my first Anime. Then Gundam, then Cowboy Bebop, Fist of the North Star. Even classic Cartoons like Johnny Quest and Thundercats. Toonami put me on. Now even Naruto, Attack On Titan, One Piece. This is a tribute to some life changing television programing, short and sweet...Toonami Tsunamis." When I read the description, I thought to myself this one might not be for me, but I'm a fan of Noveliss, so I checked it out & was not disappointed at all! You can stream it below.