July 03, 2015

JuJu Rogers "The Life Of a Good-For-Nothing" (Album Stream)

JuJu Rogers is hip-hop artist from Berlin, Germany. 'From The Life Of A Good-For-Nothing' is JuJu's solo debut album on Jakarta Records, where he was once their first intern, now the label's latest signing. A true school vibe, mixed with soul and jazzy hip-hop, plus an effortless flow merge together styles that complement him as an album-based MC. The album's production is handled by JuSoul (who I've been a fan of since 2010), Twit One, Tufu, Knowsum and more + features from underground icon, Oddisee, and Mic Donet. One of my favorite tracks on the album is "The Story of Warren," but stream it below and catch the vibe of the full album, you can/should order it HERE.