July 13, 2015

Gang Starr "Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr" (1999)

"For most hip-hop artists, the arrival of a "Best Of" compilation signals the end of their tour of active duty in the trenches of creative combat. Gang Starr, however, are most definitely not your average hip-hop artists. Coming off of their critically acclaimed album with last year's universally heralded Moment Of Truth, and commemorating 10 years together as one of hip-hop's greatest units, Gang Starr's sixth album, Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr, assembles the group's greatest hits, widely acclaimed B-Sides, remixes, soundtrack contributions and two new tracks into one two-disc package. For hip-hop fanatics it is, quite simply, an essential collection. For the duo of charismatic frontman Guru and super-producer DJ Premier, it is an opportunity to reflect on their collective role as the most enduring and prestigious rhyme-and-beats battalion in rap music."

 Big L, Rest In Peace. Guru, Rest In Peace...