July 16, 2015

Miilkbone "Da' Miilkrate" (The Source, July 1995)

"With many smooth tracks containing easily played baselines, piano and dreamy, music box-type sounds, there are many non-complex productions on Miilkbone's debut - but for the most part the end result is still funky. The album is not what you would consider especially memorable, but then again it's not exactly forgettable. In fact, it's nudged right between the two. The first single "Keep It Real," highlight's Miilk's penchant Slick-Rick-esque flow (rhyming on one track, responding on another) while hitting you with horns, bass line and a monotonous piano. "Where'z Da Party At?" uses Kool & The Gang's "It's Too Hot" as the foundation, while the hook is supplied by The Notorious B.I.G. It's East Coast G-Funk at its best, accompanied by a plethora of gibes, puns and plays on words that utilize past and present MCs and song titles." Peep the visuals to "Keep It Real," con'td...

"If the record company has any sense they will let the man from Perth Ambody's Delancy Projects (in New Jersey) just rhyme and refrain promoting him as the "The Caucasian Sensation" or anything similar. Why? Because Miilkbone has got skills, lyrics, flow and punchlines." - The Source, July 1995. Check out the full (mediocre) review below. Pick up a copy of the LP if you haven't already.