July 23, 2015

Main Source "Just Hangin Out / Live At The BBQ" (7/91)

"From an album that is literally full of potential hit singles, The Main Source unveils the follow-up to "Lookin' At The Front Door." "Just Hangin Out" is a smooth (but not smoothed out) jazzy flavored cut with a laid back tempo and lyrics courtesy of the man who "gets busy over unknown tracks," the Large Professor. The original version has commercial radio play potential with its relaxed approach. The remix is a step in a different direction. The vocals are spread and changed slightly as what was once a smooth and laid back jam now becomes a hardcore jam that highlights the production wizardry of the Main Source. A medium paced beat with a heavy crackling snare and chunky guitar lays the funky foundation as the chorus featuring a sung reggae verse laid over a droning sax loop creates a killer hook. The remix is so slamming that it's almost a completely new song."

"If there could ever be one song to completely epitomize the essence of a hardcore-underground jam, then "Live At The BBQ" is all that. "BBQ" is the posse jam to end all posse jams. Once you hear the crew roaring "It's like that y'all (that y'all)" you're hooked. Over a Bob James drum loop with a touch of cymbals, Large Professor surrounds himself with a trio of raw MCs to kick ballistics. Nasty Nas kicks a grab-for-the-throat style with lines like: "Verbal assassin / My architect pleases / When I was twelve I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus." Fatal (aka Merciful) steps up next with powerful righteous lyrics ... Akinyele then steps up with a style so out of control, printing his lyrics wouldn't do him justice ... Bringing up the rear (II) is the Large Professor who proclaims: "I grab up girls like jacks / Add 'em on like tax / And I'm over like Hot Trax."

"This is the latest example of the creativity and talent that effortlessly flows off the grooves of the Breakin Atoms LP - definitely one of the most outstanding debut records of '91 and in hip-hop history." - The Source, July 1991. For a copy of The Source's full 12" review, see below...