June 05, 2015

The Fugees "Rumble In The Jungle" (1997)

"Rumble In The Jungle" was released in 1997 on the soundtrack to the Oscar-winning documentary, "When We Were Kings;" an unforgettable account of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman's infamous fight in Zaire in 1974. Leon Gast's "When We Were Kings" is touted as the "untold story of the Rumble In The Jungle," and as the celebratory first single, The Fugees were joined by A Tribe Called Quest, John Forte, and Busta Rhymes. Peep Lauryn Hill's bars and the video for the song below...

"...The man's got a God complex
But take the text, change the picture
Watch Muhammad play the messenger like Holy Muslim scriptures
Take orders from only God
Only war when it's Jihad
See Ali appears in Zaire to reconnect 400 years
So we the people, dark but equal, give love to such things
To the man who made the fam' remember when we were kings..."