June 22, 2015

The B.U.M.S. "Lyfe 'N' Tyme" (The Source, June 1995)

"Life and time" is a bid every Black man is doing on Earth, so one must make the best of it. This Oakland duo of MCs, D-Wyze and E-Vocalist, refuses to let the madness deteriorate their skillz on the mic. This is evident on the cut "West Coast Smack," a straight up representation of the growing talent of the West, consisting of a simple but tight jazz chop provided by the Baka Boyz. And the only funds The B.U.M.S. are checkin' for is "Six Figures and Up," as both MCs catch serious wreck over a Fat Albert & the Cosby kids junkyard jam. "Take A Look Around" is one of the album's tightest cuts, expressing the need for individuals to observe their surroundings for growth and not social apathy. This is done over a silky mix of horn and guitar riffs with D-Wyze blowing a smooth sing-a-long chorus that's rounded off with the Jeru sample, "leave your nines at home and  bring your skillz to the battle." Check out the Vinyl Reanimators Remix to "Take a Look Around," cont'd...

"Elevation (Free My Mind)" is the album's best cut and the first single. E-Vocalist and D-Wyze aim their lyrical arrows straight toward the heart of bullshit record labels and fake A&R's, to let them know that all of their ignorance and shady business won't stop them or other MCs from rising to the top. D-Wyze comes correct when he says: "Take control, don't be a f#ckin' fish on a pole / labels will leave you murdered in a river with no soul / it's true for what you say is what you do with the flow / for labels, MCs come and they go...." Lyfe and Tyme should hit from coast to coast with its 13 "unfastforwardable" tracks that are somewhat jazzy but still 'hard.' The sound is anything but the typical West Coast G-rap sound expected from Cali, making this a debut that hip-hop purists will be satisfied with." - The Source, June 1995. (Updated, changed audio link).