June 11, 2015

Wisdom "All-Star Jam" (12", 1996)

This is Wisdom's fresh 12" from 1996 on Emo Recordings. The 12" is mostly known for it's features from Adagio! and Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots on the track "All-Star Jam." The production is handled by Adagio! producer, Big Cousin (aka The Obvious Wonder), as well as a vocal feature from Adagio! MC, Rayme Supreme. Beyond that, it's released on Emo Recordings, which was home to the bulk of the releases from Adagio! in the mid-90s. As for Breeze Brewin, he'd been down with Adagio! from years prior, so while I'm not exactly sure how Wisdom was originally connected to them, suffice to say, this record was filled with mid-90s flavor and good chemistry in the booth. The beat moves and the MCs each tackle it like a freestyle cipher, bouncing verses off one another. While Breeze is the obvious stand-out on the track, you might also like the B-Side's "It's Rare" and "Angel," as well ... dig into all three of the tracks below. It's unfortunate there are no LP versions.