June 03, 2015

Professor P & DJ Akilles "All Year, Every Year: Winter/Spring"

Professor P & DJ Akilles are a critically acclaimed, international duo from Sweden that keep the fundamentals of hip-hop at the forefront of their music: dope rhymes and patterns from Professor P & DJ Akilles on the cuts and crisp, nostalgic production. Pro & Ak have great chemistry and you could probably throw a dart at any track in their catalog and catch the vibe, but I want to shine some extra light on their "All Year, Every Year" series. I love the song "Everything's Alright." They also have a nice feature from Rah Digga on the track "For The City," but FAR beyond that is the last track and last verse on the song "Sleep;" I can relate and a tear drops as I listen to type this...

"Earl Patrick McNease, I hope you're rapping in peace
If life is one thing, it's something like a passionate breeze
You supported every Pro & AK track we released 
The hip-hop activist is happy to teach ... about this artform
I read a comment last night that my made heart warm
I would bring it with me on this journey I embark on..."

"This thank you is way past its due date
Your love for the game was unconditional
Didn't  want the fame, you had a different role
Now the same lane is where I wish to go
Even though we never met in real life
I must have lost a friend from how this feel like
I must have lost a friend from how this feel like
Let's let your name echo through the still night
Now that you're .... Sleep."

- R.I.P. to my Brother, Praverb The Wyse (Earl Patrick McNease)