June 04, 2015

Children of the Corn "American Dream" (12", 1996)

Today's vinyl release is from the legendary collective, Children of the Corn. Children of the Corn was a crew from Harlem, NY that included Big L, Murda Mase (Mase), Killa Kam (Cam'ron), Bloodshed, and Herb McGruff. The details are fuzzy on whom else may have been included in the crew - I’ve heard conflicting stories - but at its core, these were the main members until Bloodshed (Cam's cousin) was killed in a car accident, and individually the crew went on to have solo careers. Their individual stories are well-documented so let’s get to the 12” - it’s from 1996 and has ‘American Dream’ on the A-side and ‘Harlem USA’ on the B-Side. It’s considered an ‘unofficial release’ with no label attached, but fans of the earlier work do gravitate towards this record. DJs appreciate the a cappella on 'American Dream' and there are 2 separate versions of 'Harlem USA' on the B-side: a Harlem version & an Uptown version. You can stream/download the full "American Dream" 12" below.