June 10, 2015

A Tribe Called Quest "The Love Movement" (CMJ, 1/99)

"It seems like it's been a million years since A Tribe Called Quest's last album. And now, right as the guys have settled into a dope new groove, they go and break up. Sometimes you just can't get it the way you want it. The Love Movement shows ATCQ in an even mellower mode than past boom shots, with a musical formula that never veers far from its center - a minimal drum beat, an amniotic bass pulse and assorted muted keyboards - but nevertheless grooves along, sounding fresh all the way through. The album's opening cut "Start It Up" is a great example of this patent-worthy sound, with Q-Tip rocking an updated version of his lyrical flow, and choppy pacing that jumps over and around the track. "Against The World" and "The Love" tread down a similar path. But there are also vintage ATCQ bounce vehicles here, most notably "Da Booty," "Steppin' It Up" (with Busta Rhymes and Redman) and "Common Ground." The Love Movement isn't going to change the way you think about hip-hop, but it is certainly a nice return to the basics for Q-Tip, Phife and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. It'll also be a memorable parting shot, if it really is their final group effort." - CMJ

The full review in CMJ New Music Monthly can be read below...