June 25, 2015

One Be Lo "Laborhood Part IV" (Album Stream)

"The Laborhood mixtape series is a collection of songs that One Be Lo has made guest appearances on, aside from solo material. Part Four features 15 tracks, mixed by DJ Dyllemma. This collection spans over the last decade, highlighting various artists throughout the Laborhood. Laborhood Part Four was recorded in: Pontiac, New Jersey, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Austin, Auburn, Portland, Grand Rapids. Featuring: Gameboi, RoSpit, CyMarshall Law, Longshot, Ang13, Magniff, Def Dee, Ken Starr, Fluent Form, DJ Twelvz, Zumbi, Tableek, JFK, Authentic, Mic Phelps, Logic, FYA, DMT, Zeb, Dox Black, Haseeb the Futuristic, SubKulture Patriots, J Ross Parelli, Toni Hill, Ceasar, Marcus D, DJ Sav One, and more." - Stream Laborhood Pt. 4 below.