June 21, 2015

Ill Conscious "The Essence" (Album Stream)

Chopped Herring Records, the titan of underground, exclusive vinyl releases has caught my eyes and ears yet again. Their latest future-classic is from Ill Conscious, a Baltimore lyricist, who steps to the plate with his debut LP, The Essence. The production on the LP is handled by Loop Holes, MWP, Cold Legistics, illMeasured, Nascent & TooNorth. As for features, we got Dirt Platoon, Shameeka Dream, Yung Miss, and Cyn Hawkes across the 15-track offering. I considered sending a message to Bob Lipitch and inquire as to how his UK-based label came across this B-More spitter, when I'm always looking for MCs of his caliber, lol. Instead, I sent humble props and a guarantee he'd be seeing my $ on the release, which he did. Now, hear what I hear, stream it below!