June 13, 2015

T-Max "Unsigned Hype" (The Source, June 1995)

"Anyone who listens to demo tapes on a regular basis would likely agree that you can rarely take the track, in the form presented on the demo, straight to the studio for mastering - no matter how good it is. Even if an MC is wicked on the mic, and his tracks are decent, some polishing and fine tuning must still be done. With T-Max, who was born in "War"chester, MA, and now resides in Mission Hill, this is absolutely not the case as he delivers at last four tracks (the one's we heard on the demo) suitable for packaging and sending directly to retailers. And it's not just the polished sound that makes T-Max stand out. His lyrical style, which can easily be likened to Nas (or a less wordy Ras Kass), is more complex than the majority of MCs out now. But it's not so complex that the dialogue is lost in awkwardness. And as for his subject matter, he seems to be capable of swinging a number of ways (II)... With lyrics that are better than 90% of existing MCs with record deals, solid beats and the polished sound of a veteran, T-Max is just waiting to make an A&R's job too easy." - The Source, Unsigned Hype: June 1995. Hit up the tags for releases by the Massachusetts MC, T-Max.