June 16, 2015

U.T.K. Rezerectors "Dark Side" (12", 1995)

This U.T.K. Rezerectors 12" was released back in 1994-1995 on Big Boss Records out of New York. The production was done by Paul Williams & K-Dogz. The B-Side single, "Dark Side," has the popular sample from Southside Movement's "Ive Been Watching You," which ironically Snoop Dogg wrote to before Dr. Dre made the beat for "Nuthin But A G Thang." It's also played in a scene from Juice and on countless other tracks. U.T.K. actually stood for "Uptown Kidz," which was 4 artists back in 1992 that had a video single (and 12") for their song "I Got Da Skillz," also on Big Boss Records. In 1992, they sounded like the chart-topping group Kris Kross, but a few years later and they've come back a bit harder and more mature on "Dark Side." "How We Roll" is a confusing blend of both styles - reminiscent of Da Youngsta's, but with a really bad pop-imitation hook on the record. At one point, this was a hard record to find but a quick search found a few copies for $5 dollars, so if you dig it, cop it online for cheap now. You can listen to both tracks from the 12" below (no instrumentals).