November 10, 2014

Scarface "The Untouchable" (Rap Pages, 5/97)

"Brad Jordan may as well become an author or screenwriter. Marking the tenth anniversary of his career in the rap music game, The Untouchable, Jordan's fourth oratorical cinematic / literary work under the name of his Scarface alter ego, is the apex of his gangsta career. Much like those he was influenced by - filmmaker Brian DePalma and author Mario Puzo - Face has been able to make the ordinary un-ordinary. He, above any other gangsta rap artist, has made each album a soundtrack for the worst aspects of Black life in America. In opposition to his recent socially conscious Geto Boy mindset, Brad Jordan here reintroduces the Scarface g-rap fans have grown to love on the title track, once again displaying the ability to intertwine eerie, haunting piano chords with soul-inspired bass action while shooting 187 narratives. This is showcased best on the cuts "Sunshine" and "No Warning." Much of the album follows the same formula of heavy-hitting musicianship combined with tales of how his crime-savvy characters justify their ruthless, mobster survival tactics in a world full of sinners. Scarface's shit never gets boring, only more interesting." Check "Smile", cont'd below...

"Two tracks in particular, "Smartz" and "Smile" (featuring Tupac), tug at Jordan's consciousness; here, he shares his insights and personal pain while viewing the plight of his people. Another musical gem is "Money Makes The World Go Round," which teams Face with Devin of the Facemob and Daz, whose bouncy harp chords and xylophone chimes add diversity to his bluesy gangsta album... The Untouchable can be chalked up as another successful venture for Scarface. In this gangsterized Hip-Hop society, Face's personality and lyrics remain fresh and avoid trite status. His ability to take street savvy and pair it with superhuman feats have always been his forte. The Untouchable is a mirror of the ugliest urban Amerikkkan realities. It's what Face has been puttin' down since he started. He's the best there is at what he does, which is why he remains untouchable." - Rap Pages.