November 07, 2014

Black Moon "Buck 'Em Down" Remix (Review, 1994)

"Buck 'em Down" was the fourth and final single released from Black Moon's debut album "Enta Da Stage." It was released a full 2 years after the debut single, "Who Got Da Props" hit back in '92. Black Moon shifted the sound in New York with this album and controlled underground radio during its run. The Source reviewed the single in November '94, saying: "Black Moon picks up right where it left off last time - full of potent power and mind-expanding thrills. The superb last single - "I Got Cha Opin" b/w "Killin' Every N!gga" - was really Black Moon's best work to that point, perfecting the sometimes uneven production on the debut LP and clearing the way for pure brilliance on the beats and lyrics. This new single elevates Buckshot into the realm of the very few MCs who consistently set trends on the mic. Cold as ice, yet contemplative and keen, Buckshot has complete command of the track guiding his vocal chords through a melodic delivery thick with verbal gymnastics. The track is a true remix, a clear improvement on the original. Evil Dee and Mr. Walt have positioned the thumping beat out front, while a subtle bass and guitar linger in the back. At the end of the cut, the kick and snare drop out and the underlying sample runs on with the hi-hats - a tasteful and soulful touch." The 12" came with the dope "Murder MCs" on the B-side. Watch the video below.

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