November 11, 2014

Joe Budden "Some Love Lost" (EP Stream)

A confusing release with this one, Joe Budden drops off the latest project in his catalog, "Some Love Lost." Leading up to the album was a 'SomeLoveLostSeries,' featuring solid tracks that aren't featured on this project. It's an indie release, so it's not to fulfill a contract obligation, why not hold it and put the best foot forward ... Fans of Joe know, some of his best records have gone on other artists' projects, as loosies, or entirely unreleased. Maybe it's just to keep us fans guessing? lol. One thing for sure, the track "Only Human" could carry most artists' whole project, coming in at 8:46 long, Joe let the pen bleed on this one. I wouldn't be surprised to see it resurrected on a future release if this one misses the mark with sales. "OLS4" is another fantastic track, which deserved the visuals it received, definitely go check that HERE, and the rest of the EP is not bad either ... it still feels unfinished, like SOMEthing was left off ... but please don't let that keep you from listening!