November 16, 2014

Das EFX "Straight Up Sewaside" (Press Kit, 1993)

"It was during the spring of '92, a natural time for new beginnings, that dread-headed duo Das EFX exploded out of the underground with Dead Serious, the startling debut that injected hip-hop with a badly-needed dose of dopiness. After a million miles of touring and over one million copies sold, Krazy Drayz and Books are ready to set it off again with Straight Up Sewaside... Forget what you heard, and hold tight for something brand new as Das EFX sparks up a fat one for '93. The stiggedy-stuttering style of speak may have helped them make their mark, but since nuff imitators jumped on the bandwagon, the group took their lyrics to the next level. So did the production team of Solid Scheme, who are causing sonic booms with their locomotive trunk-funk. The doubters may have thought Das EFX fell off, but the only place these boys fell was deeper into the nether reaches of the sewa. Just slide open the manhole and get a whiff of "Freakit," the first single, and you'll know that Das EFX is back to freak the funk with a vengeance.... It's been a whirlwind rise to the top for Drayz and Books since their days together at Virginia State University, where Das EFX (which stands for Drayz and Skoob Effects) was born. Here, these two English majors developed their distinctive style, taking it to the stage at college talent shows. Then the rocket ride took off. When they heard that one of their favorite rap groups, EPMD, would be judging a talent contest in nearby Richmond, they jumped at the opportunity to catch wreck, and blew up the spot. But instead of awarding them the $100 first prize, Parrish Smith (the P of EPMD) approached them afterwards and expressed his interest in getting them a record a deal. P lived up to his promise, and rest, as they say, is history." - Press Kit, 1993. They had a style all their own, big up Das EFX.

I've always loved this album, revisit it today.