November 09, 2014

Erick Sermon "Stay Real" (The Source Review, 11/93)

"Some fake the funk and the Main Source know it / How do I know? / Because MTV shows it." With the first single off of his anticipated solo album, Erick Sermon once again proves his commitment to rap and reminds everyone that he can handle his business. "Stay Real" is an attack on rap's increasing mediocrity. Things need to improve and E-Double believes that the first step toward a solution lies in identifying the problem ... Again, there are shades of EPMD apparent. "Stay Real" is virtually a sequel to last summers "Crossover." The Zapp grooves are in effect, the muddy basslines are refurbished, and the rhymes are filled with boasts and attitude. Erick's unique deadpan cadence continues to work as it has for the past six years. While expectations for Erick as a solo artist were not fully realized with "Hittin' Switches," "Stay Real" should make sure that his album gets off to a good start." - (Sure Shot Single in The Source: November, 1993). Check out the video below.