November 27, 2014

DJ Neil Armstrong "Original" (Mixtape, 2001)

"If u don't know now u know, cause I have a crush on u but I need one more chance, another chance for u to call Neil big poppa. But warning, f#ck around and I get hardcore on all u playa haters. The 5th rock like the Zulu Nation. But don't call the 900 number asking whose in the house cause you'll be sad & blue when I walk on by. U must release yo delf, cause the 5th is nuttin' to f#ck wit. Cherchez Le Neil and eye know that the ladies won't say no go when I'm zone coasting for the bitties at Bobs lounge till the breakadawn. Let's stay together, cause this for the player in u. Close the door girl, let's get biz. I'm in love with MJ. She's outstanding and got me curious about her sexual healing. But it's been a long time since she's called me. It's all good, I still make loot to make me happy. But life's a bitch, and I'm yearning for her love. It ain't hard to tell though, it's only human nature, cause nobody beats my biz and there ain't no half steppin. Let me slow down a sec, remembering when ice ice baby shined. But now slim shady represents for the next episode. And today is always a good day when you're the flavor of the month cause u know my steez is to be on the next level. Always doin it well and u dare ask, can I kick it? I'm killing it softly with my mindblowing flow. I will always be a hip-hop junkie, whenever I hear someone rhyme slow or quick. And from now till infinity, this is how we chill." Catch it all below... (Updated to Neil's official link).