November 03, 2014

Positive K "The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills" (The Source, 12/92)

Although this is his debut, this Brooklyn gent should be no stranger to the hip-hop community. His rep dates back to classic jams like "Step Up Front," "A Good Combination," and his debut with MC Lyte, "I'm Not Havin It," not to mention his dope cameo on the first Brand Nubian album. Now the time has finally come for Pos K to deliver his potent lyrical content to the masses. The Skills... is a solid collection that should not disappoint old and future fans. From the jazzy vibes of "Shakin'" and the trunk o' funk groove of "How The F*?#! Would You Know" to the slammin' current single, "I Got A Man," Positive comes correct with his "clean cut and dapper" trademark style. He also sports a new and improved delivery on a few cuts as well... Positive K is one of those rappers that consistently comes out with the cold rock stuff, but remain virtually unnoticed due to the absence of a commercial hit. But don't be fooled with this album Positive K has his rent paid for the year. - 12/92