October 15, 2014

Supastition "7 Years Of Bad Luck" (October 15, 2002)

"7 Years Of Bad Luck" is the debut album from Supastition, released on this day in 2002 on Freshcrest Records. The album was reviewed in Insomniac Magazine, saying: "The intro is put together well. This is tight because many new artists forget that the audience doesn't know their sound or angle yet. The introduction helps do just that. The flow is rugged like gravel, and the lyrics are delivered fast like shells spit from a fully automatic rifle. Supastition provides stress-release with loud style and delivery." With a review also on RapReviews, Matt Jost said, "...With an updated demo and a name change to Blackmel, he landed a deal with Lo Key Records run by veteran Queens DJ/producer Davy D (of "One for the Treble" fame). Ready to drop his debut "First Impressionz" since 1997, he eventually got tired of waiting and moved on, hooked up with fellow North Carolinians The Nobodies, appeared on their "Now Culture" album and Esau's "The Debut Album...The Farewell Tour" guest-starring on "Esau Vs Blackmel" and the posse track "2 Many Emcees", where he dropped the telling line "I got split personalities and got 'em all solo deals." After recording yet another demo, Cali Agent Rasco offered him a single deal on his Pockets Linted imprint. Finally, in the summer of 2002, he is ready to drop his debut album on Freshchest Records, under an alias that links the name of his album to a famous Stevie Wonder song. Presenting: "7 Years of Bad Luck" by Supastition." The original press release, featured as an insert with the vinyl is below + the album...

Supastition's "7 Years of Bad Luck" is available for stream/purchase below via Bandcamp.