October 23, 2014

Artifacts "Art Of Facts" (The Source, 1996)

The Artifacts' El Da Sensei & Tame One return from their underground gem, "Between A Rock & A Hard Place," with a new single, "Art Of Facts," for their sophomore effort, "That's Them." Getting love in The Source, the review says "The Artifacts have been excavated once again. Brick City's finest twosome - The Tame One and El The Sensei - have rematerialized in physical form to drop "Art of Facts," the first singe off of their sophomore album. Tame One kicks the first verse, showing why the duo has this game on lock: "With each beat released, I reach mad blocks / Analyzing more spots then Matlock / Now I got this rappin' shit on Padlock." El follows suit, warning wack MCs to be wary of the brick-hard steez the Artifacts come with: "I tear the roof off, and when I fuck, don't take my boots off / I shoot from the lip and your nose glow like Rudolph / You soft, so let me hit you off with all the hardness / Artifacts shit we got the hard shit regardless." Adding support to the production: "The production on the joint is hellatight, with a walking xylophone backed by a throbbing bass." (Update, 2018: a video has been released for the 20th anniversary reissue).