October 06, 2014

Capone-N-Noreaga "Unsigned Hype" (October, 1995)

"By now everyone should be familiar with the resurgence Queens has made in the hip-hop arena. In particular, Queensbridge has played a major role (Mobb Deep, Nas), and with artists like Capone-N-Noreaga waiting in the wings, it doesn't appear that the borough's most notorious area will be falling off any time soon. By just glancing at the names of these two brothas, you can quickly figure out what type of vibe they're on. In the same vein as Nas Escobar and the Wu-Gambinos, this two man crew is strictly on some kingpin, "on top of the world" shit. But the topics aren't limited to drug deals and blastin' their way to the top; they focus more on the good things acquired once the pinnacle is reached... With a flow that resembles their Queensbridge counterparts, only more laid-back, Capone & Noreaga create vivid descriptions of the good life on their tracks "Creme" & "1/2 A Mill." Amazingly, the list of all that can be acquired when life is good seems to never end, as the two never get repetitive when listening to all that they've earned... Capone & Noreaga's most beneficial quality could be the tight production that accompanies their modest but vivid rhyme styles. With laid back tracks topped with thick baselines, the crew's potential to impress rap fans outside of their region is unlimited." (Unsigned Hype, The Source 10/95). Listen to the "1/2 a Mill" demo below.