October 28, 2014

Automatik "These Mean Streets" (12", 1997)

I first heard Automatik through Down 'N' Dirty Tribe, which I learned about via Tony Touch's Hip-Hop #44 Mixtape. Breadcrumbs! After "Inn'a Cipher," I looked for other tracks featuring Down N' Dirty Tribe and was directed to the B-Side on Automatik's "These Mean Streets" 12"; the track is called "No Man's Land." My assumption is that this record is out of New Jersey, with production from Paul Metto on both tracks. We also know the 12" was released in 1997 on Delux Extertainment but beyond that, it's been hard to dig up too much information. I'll be sure to post the Down N' Dirty Tribe record one of these days, so you can appreciate both tracks side by side. Got more info?