October 21, 2014

KLIM Beats "Warm Sounds" (Instrumental Album)

Much respect to Klim Beats, a producer representing out of Kiev, Ukraine. From the visuals to the vinyl, Klim Beats crafts really concise, tight instrumental projects. "Warm Sounds" was one of the first instrumental albums I caught on to, the beat for "Rest and Peace Guru," immediately caught my attention. I was in between projects for my artists and I didn't have this site to blog about it back then or I woulda done that, maybe reached out for an interview or something. So, like most things - after a while - it kinda got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, it seems late to write about this now, but this site was created to put you up on the artists that deserve the attention and I believe Klim Beats is and will be a producer that y'all should listen to and follow. This is also the 3rd anniversary of the release of "Warm Sounds." So, with that said, stream it below and follow the breadcrumbs. (Update, 2018: with the passing of my Mother on 3/22/18, the only beat playing in my head right now is "Rest and Peace Guru," so I want to dedicate that track to my mom (and Praverb, and Guru and so many others that we lost too soon...), may they Rest in Eternal Peace. I love you, Mom.