October 20, 2014

You Must Learn Episode 2: Smif-N-Wessun "Dah Shinin"

Released January 10, 1995, Dah Shinin is celebrated for the synergy between Smif N Wessun’s two members, Tek and Steele, and the cohesive, gritty production courtesy of Da Beatminerz. In 1998, The Source placed the album in its list of 100 Best Rap Albums. What you’re about to hear is Tek and Steele take us through the backstory and the making of their quintessential classic. They talk about: their relationships with Biggie and Tupac; going to high school with Maxwell and Sean Price; being inspired by the work of Roy Ayers, and what the Doghilee actually was. “You Must Learn” was produced by Peter Oasis and was written by Dharmic X; the podcast features contributions from DJ Flipout and Soul Khan. Special thanks Kelly Green. Listen below to Episode 2.