Saturday, October 11, 2014

DJ Premier "10 Classic Non-Gang Starr Productions" (Mix)

"DJ Premier’s catalog is incredible. If he was only known for his work with Gangstarr, he’d still be considered a Top 3 producer of all time, easily. But the fact that he’s worked with everyone from Biggie to Jay-Z to Nas to KRS-One makes his discography pretty much incomparable. And we’re not talking about obscure cuts that lost their appeal years ago. These are timeless songs! So for today’s edition of The 10s, we present Primo Treats: 10 Classic Non-Gangstarr Primo Joints. We’ll probably have to do a part two and three to this because dude has worked with everyone we love and always comes correct. All praises due to DJ Premier, thank you for all the music you’ve given us. It’s our pleasure to celebrate the work you’ve put in. I guess right now we should start the show." (Written by Stan Ipcus, presented by UpNorthTrips & mixed by UnitedCrates back in October, 2011).