October 15, 2014

Maestro Fresh Wes "Naaah! Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?" (1994)

"Maestro is no new kid on the block. A few years ago when he debuted in his native Canada, he blew up the spot and sold a number of units too. Now he's out to flaunt his mic skills to the world. His lyrics come varied - endless witty puns and metaphors are used as an umbrella for the subject matter he deals with. 'Nah..." showcases a penchant for straight-up, New York style braggadocious freestyling like "pray for the east," "mic mechanisms," his desire for "brown sugar," or when he kicks knowledge on a "higher level." The beats are also varied, although they are all jazz flavored..."

"The production, handled by Fresh Wes and Showbiz, is tight and the samples (especially the horns) are very rare, in turn providing heads with something new to nod to other than over-used breakbeats. By the end of the set it becomes obvious that Wes is a freestyler, and you soon realize why he describes himself as Fresh. What's most important is that he's fly on the mic and never leaves you yawning." - Hip-Hop Connection, May 1994 - Save a copy of the full review below.