June 23, 2014

O.C. "Time's Up" (The Source, July 1994)

"While the name O.C. is unfamiliar to many, if you put your ear to the pavement, the rumble is evidence of a ticking time bomb set to blow. First off, to clear any misconceptions, O.C. is not the 3rd member of Organized Konfusion, but he rhymed on their '92 track "Fudge Pudge." Now it's O's turn to shine for self on his debut "Time's Up" - a much needed wake-up call for hip-hop's ignorant masses. Musically, producer Buckwild's "bare bones" beat is just that: no flab, no gristle. Just a bass line, some hi-hat & snare, and an ill Slick Rock hook from "Hey Young World." Buck (hip-hop's next star producer) aptly leaves the focus of this track on O's hardcore poetics." Listen below (Updated).

"When O.C. opens with, "You lack the minerals and vitamins / Irons and the niacins / Fuck who that I offend / Rappers sit back I'm 'bout to begin..." - you're immediately pulled into his sphere of influence. O manipulates words to create multi-layer meanings, reflective quotables, and an ominous aura of invincibility. Peep it: "What’s in the future for the fusion in the changer? / Rappers are In danger / Who will use wits to be a remainder? ... Instead of puttin' brain cells to work, they abuse it / Non-conceptual / Non-exceptional / Everybody's either crime-related or sexual ... / For those who pose lyrical / But really ain't true / I feel "Their time is limited, hardrocks too."" Until now, much of O.C.'s rep has been built on underground freestyle tapes that have been floating around like rumors. At long last there is an official intro to this lyrical scientist." - The Source, July 1994