June 30, 2014

Astronote "Astroblacked" (Album Stream)

French producer Astronote is back at it with his latest production album, "Astroblacked." We been cool for some years now, wish I'd been posting here longer, a lot of his back catalog I'd posted about on older sites that are long gone, along with all those dead zShare links, lol. If you didn't catch it - after this - go back and listen to "The Raw Tape." Donwill's "Laura's Song" is also one of my favorite tracks and visuals; the video making use of Fat Beats, NY to re-enact "High Fidelity." Back to Astroblacked, the album is 21 tracks and features Blu, Illa J, Stacy Epps, Rasheeda Ali, and more. It's soulful, but progressive in it's styling & hard-hitting at the same time. One of these days I'll post one of his compilation mixes, which will catch you up on his back catalog and help you see his progression as a producer. Stream the album below and props to DJ Graffiti out in Detroit.