June 15, 2014

50 Cent "How To Rob" (XXL, 2000 + Video Interview)

Originally published in the May 2000 issue of XXL, the following interview was published when 50 Cent's controversial single "How to Rob" made noise throughout New York City. "When 50 Cent dropped "How To Rob," last year, he pissed off a lot of people. In the aftermath, several MCs made on-wax responses that were clearly not in 50's favor, to say the least. While he's been quite quiet of late, the Queens-bred troublemaker has returned with his long-awaited debut, Power Of The Dollar. Hoping to prove he's more than a one-hit wonder, one must wonder, does 50 regret any of the drama his song has caused? Don't bet on it." At the end of the short interview above, 50 says, "I'm a newborn, I'm still a baby to hip-hop so it (the attention) affects me, but when I break past this record, I'ma be bigger than the rest of this shit -- a bigger, better artist. I hold myself down to the fullest. You never want it to go there, but if it does, by any means, I'm gonna handle my business." Below, during an interview with a journalist in Germany, 50 Cent goes more in-depth on how his circumstances at the time inspired "How To Rob." Read above and watch below.