June 14, 2014

Boogiemonsters "Riders Of The Storm" (Press Kit & Videos, 1994)

"Boogiemonsters hold these truths to be self evident:
The only real love is One Love. 
Without full expression of the range of human emotion, there can be no understanding. 
Without understanding there can be no peace or wisdom. 
Without water, we can't exist. 
If we stay fluid, we will survive."

"Boogiemonsters keep things fluid, they keep things flowing like an undulating stream. Boogiemonsters come outta VA via NYC and JA. 
Boogiemonsters are four MCs: Mondo, Vex, Yodared and Myntric. 
Boogiemonsters are here to drop spirit, intelligence, grooves and knowledge that will take hip-hop to the next level. 

"Riders Of The Storm moves away from glocks and groins and steps into the light. "We want to concentrate on different things," offers Yodared. "That's one of the aspects of water and it's why we're so attracted to water. As an element, water's never confined, it can't be restricted and neither can we." Rider's Of The Storm's premier assault is "Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress," a wise and funky meditation on life in the modern age. "So in '94, yo it's all about the music, hear it come spiritually so you can use it." Check out the video to the lead single below...

"That refusal to be limited is vividly apparent on Riders Of The Storm. Armed with a style that can be dense as a swamp or clear as a babbling brook, Boogiemonsters can flow anywhere they choose. They're intense on "Mark Of The Beast," a slamming apocalyptic examination of the roots of evil and "Old Man Jacob's Well," a brooding slice of Goth-rap, that unravels the tale of a murder from the perspective of the killer and his intended child victim. They're passionate on the sexy shout out to their muse "Muzic Appreciation (Sweet Music)" or the thumpin' Old School jam "Bronx Bombers." My personal favorite, however, is "Honeydips in Gotham," check that one out below. - OG Press Kit.