June 18, 2014

EPMD "Crossover" (The Source, September 1992)

"Erick and Parrish would not put out a single if it wasn't funky, so right away you know you need to buy this one. This time the boys come out of the box with a hard look at a serious disease that has infected hip-hop - the dreaded "crossover syndrome." How many times have you seen a rapper come out hard and street, only to see him or her deteriorate into a bubble bath taking, pop radio loving, sucker MC? EPMD have seen enough of that noise, and over a fat Zapp chorus they start pluckin' cards. With underground flavor, they drop lines like: "The rap era's out of control / Brothers sellin' their soul, to go gold / Going ...going ...gone, another rapper - SOLD!" and "Came on the scene chillin' / Freakin' the funky dope lines / But when they're finished with you - *BEEEP* - flatline!"

"I speak for the hardcore (rough, rugged and raw)
I'm outta here, catch me chillin' on my next tour
From the US to the white cliffs of Dover
Strictly underground funk, keep the Crossover..."