June 03, 2014

Scarface "The Diary" (The Source, 1995)

"They say you should never read someone's diary because you might find something you didn't want to know. That's not the case with this audio journal of "the world according to Scarface." The Diary takes you on a lyrical day-to-day trip that goes from inflicting pain ("Jesse James") and avenging a homie's death ("No Tears"), to sexing a new ho on the block ("Goin' Down"). For the production, Scarface has taken a more relaxed approach and shows he's not afraid to experiment. Smooth basslines and mellow keyboards create a sound that, on many tracks, is less aggressive than his previous works. While there are enough rugged tracks to please his fans, this new production helps hold the LP together and will appeal to those who may have believed Face's talent was limited."

"Scarface is business as usual lyrically, but like the production, there are tracks that are not done in his usual mode of operandum. The first single, "I Seen a Man Die," is one of those. This common tale of brothers getting caught up in the game is brought to life as Face, in a tone that is more solemn than usual, successfully utilizes his version of a sing-songish flow. Remaining serious, he teams up with Ice Cube on "Hand Of The Dead Body" to fight back at the organizations that have been trying to silence "reality rap." The sequel, "My Minds Playin Tricks On Me '94," brings back the classic, story-telling Scarface, as he carries the song without the help of Bushwick and Willie D. Overall, The Diary is a diverse piece of work that will appeal to a wider range of listeners. Some tracks may be too experimental for Scarface's core audience, but they will be pleased with the majority of his work. Others will see that this Geto Boy has tapped into something new and has laid the foundation for an even brighter future." - The Source, 1995. Listen to The Diary album above...