June 17, 2014

Blind Mice "The Book Of BM" (12", 1997)

"Blind Mice brings it to you raw!!" Shadow (Super Hydraulic Advanced Doer Of Words) and Da Five Sixx were Blind Mice. The Brooklyn duo released this 12" in 1997 on MCI Entertainment Records. It was their second 12" - the first being "A New Beginning" in '96 - on MCI. The hype sticker on their debut 12" was that they were "Vibe Magazine's Notes From The Underground Champion in July 1996;" however the Vibe article pulled from their demo and was actually discussing the B-Side to their second 12"; the Shawn J Period-produced  "Paper Chasers." "With a pinch of rugged goodness and a twist of Native Tongue-style consciousness, Blind Mice drop clever lyrics while the hypnotizing beats from producer Shawn J. Period lull you into their zone." Vibe, June-July, 1996.

Shawn J. Period also produced a track on that first 12" called "How Many?," and while I'm not certain how Shawn J Period and Blind Mice connected, for certain he was doing his thing at the time so it was a good look. The 12" was also mixed by Duro, who was called "Super Engineer Duro," in the years to follow, because he engineered so many classic records in the mid to late 90s. Production on the A-Side, "The Book of BM" was handled by the duo's own 5'6. You can listen to the 12" below. (Update: I'm not sure if it's a glitch, but I'm noticing a few embeds show 0:00 on some of the tracks, yet they play normal? I uploaded these 12" files to Audiomack years ago, so not sure what's up. If it's a common issue or you have problems with it, just let me know on DM or Email. Thanks - Sav)