January 21, 2014

E. Bros “A Toast” (12", 1997)

We first heard of the E. Bros in 1995 when "New Jersey Drive" introduced the Roc Raida-produced “Funky Piano" in its film and soundtrack. The single had "Funky Piano" on the B-Side to Ill Al Skratch's banger, "Don't Shut Down On A Player." It was also on Doo Wop's classic "95 Live" mixtape. E. Bros followed it up with "A Toast" bw "Harlemites" on 12" in 1997 on Ghetto Starz Entertainment. The production was handled by Knobody who also produced tracks for Call O’ Da Wild, Jay-Z, Big Pun & he's even credited with production on "Funky Piano" as well. The X-Ecutioner's Roc Raida continued his support of the E. Bros with a feature on their "X-Pressions" LP (1997) and in 2000, group member, Wayne-O and Roc Raida released a collaborative 11-track project together aptly titled "Roc Raida & Wayne-O." Listen to the 12" from 1997 below, and Rest In Peace, Grandmaster Roc Raida.