January 01, 2014

Allow Me To (Re)-Introduce Myself, My Name is SAV!


Greetings! I don't have any of the usual ice breakers, so let's jump right into it: Please think of this blog/journal of music and memories like you would a white label vinyl - judge the content by its quality and not by the name, features, the obvious simplicity of the site's layout, album artwork, etc. Give any content you're not familiar with a chance to surprise you, then follow the bread crumbs and see what you discover (via the labels/tags below each post, or your own Google searches). My hope is that this will be a space that provides a certain feeling... whether it's "Mecca & The Soul Brother" or "Below The Heavens" or ??? ... it's less about old or new... it's that feeling that I'm always searching for in music. I don't trust algorithms, I'm from the diggin' in the crates generation, so who knows what I may dig up and share here (past, present or future nostalgia). On a personal note, I currently work as an artist manager and publicist; DJ, and I'm also an alumni of Fat Beats, New York. I've had a few blogs over the years, starting back in '05, all similar to what I envision for this 'site' ... for better or worse. If you'd like to build in the comments, or on social media, hit me up! Thank you - in advance - for reading and being a supporter of good music! Niche, from '78 til... I hope that you enjoy the daily snapshots of what's on my mind, and in my tape-deck. - DJ Sav One (Update, 2018: I opened an online Nostalgia shop, please visit it HERE for various COOL 'ish + some co-signs below...)