January 03, 2014

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five "Press Kit" (1988)

"The Bronx-bred rap group Grandmaster Flash, which rocked a nation at the start of the '80's is back together. Elektra recording artists Grandmaster Flash, Kidd Creole and Rahiem have reunited with the remaining members of the original Furious Five; Melle Mel, Scorpio and Cowboy. The re-formed group is already in session for a new Elektra release, due out early 1988. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five burst upon the rap/rock/R&B scene in 1980 with the Master-ful hit, "On The Wheels Of Steel," virtually bringing "rap music" out of the streets and into the musical mainstream. The group followed up that startling success with powerful, innovative records like, 'Apache,' 'It's Nasty,' 'The Birthday Party,' and of course, 'The Message'. Business and legal pressures forced the group to splinter, with Flash, Rahiem and Kidd Creole recording three well-received LPs for Elektra (They Say It Couldn't Be DoneThe Source, and Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang) while Melle Mel recorded several strong sides under his own name, (such as "White Lines," "Vice," from the Miami Vice soundtrack, and participated in recordings with Chaka Khan, "I Feel For You," and Little Steven's "Sun City." - Press Release, 1988. Taking it way back; where it all started for many of us. I was 10!

Below is the official press release, 1998...