January 07, 2014

Moodswing9 "Mix Sessions: Live From The Petting Zoo" (1998)

Keeping it 100, I am by no means an authority on Moodswing9’s catalog or background. I know he had a hand in Anticon and a grip of real solid production credits, but I’m still playing catch-up listening back to past releases. The main reason that I chose this particular mix is more personal; it’s because of a track near the end of Side B; Eternia and Psychology's ‘Untitled’. The song immediately following Eminem’s ’Just Don’t Give A F#ck’. I’ve been managing Eternia for over a decade, and to trace her music back to a mix tape in '98 is bonkers to me... you can hear the huge evolution in her voice, flow, content; just about everything. While very few people know Eternia as ‘Mothership’ or Mindbender as ‘Psychology’, a tape like this shows how far their roots in Canadian Hip-Hop actually extend. It wasn’t until 2005 that Eternia released her first official studio album, ‘It’s Called Life’ and 5 more years before her follow-up studio album with MoSS, ‘At Last’. Meanwhile, Mindbender still remains the prototype for what a true fan of hip-hop culture looks like in Canada. Ask about Mindbender in Toronto!! And E is still doin' her thing. Stream the Mix Sessions - Live From The Petting Zoo mixtape below, also featuring Buck 65, Live Poets, Atoms Family & more... (Updated link).