January 07, 2014

Moodswing9 "Mix Sessions: Live From The Petting Zoo" (1998)

Keeping it 100, I am by no means an authority on Moodswing9’s catalog or background. I know he had a hand in Anticon and a grip of real solid production credits, but I’m still playing catch-up listening back to past releases. The main reason that I chose this particular mix is more personal; it’s because of a track near the end of Side B; Eternia and Psychology's ‘Untitled’. The song immediately following Eminem’s ’Just Don’t Give A F#ck’. I’ve been managing Eternia for several years, but to trace her music back to a mix tape in '98 is bonkers to me... you can hear the evolution in her voice, flow, content; just about every-thing. While very few people know Eternia as ‘Mothership’ or Mindbender as ‘Psychology’, a tape like this shows how far their roots in Hip-Hop extend and how they were putting it down for their city. Naturally there were earlier demos and other features, but this mix tape still stands out, to me. It wasn’t until 2005 that Eternia released her first official studio album, ‘It’s Called Life’ and 5 more years before her follow-up studio album with MoSS, ‘At Last’. Meanwhile, Mindbender still remains the prototype for what a true fan of hip-hop culture looks like in Canada. Ask about Mindbender in Toronto!! Of course, E is still doin' her thing, stay tuned for new music coming soon! For now, listen to this throwback: Mix Sessions - Live From The Petting Zoo below, also featuring Buck 65, Live Poets, Atoms Family and a lot more... (Updated link).