January 29, 2014

Gang Starr "Step In The Arena" (Album Review, 1/91)

"Everything you've heard about Gang Starr is true. They are observers of street factualities, and blenders of the most wicked funk. To call DJ Premier a genius might be over the top, but if you want a rap record that you can jam to in your car, or on your walkman, or in your room, then this is it! Every track on this LP kicks with lyrics that come straight from life on the street. As Gang Starr says in "The Meaning of the Game," Gang means the posse, Starr means power - and that's exactly what the duo deliver. They tackle everything from intellectual attitude in "Form Of Intellect" to bad boy stick up kids in "Just To Get A Rep." And to show some diversity, Guru looks at relationships with "Lovesick" and "What Do You Want This Time?" with a humor and sensitivity never seen before in rap lyrics." "Execution Of A Chump" is the dopest track on the LP. Using an old'n'slow Pointer Sisters break, the track takes on all-comers and puts them in their place, without being offensive or rude - the perfect lyrical execution. "Take a Rest" uses "Trouble Man" breaks while the funky drum beats and train sounds put other posses in their place. If you're seeking out innovation in rap, then check out "Game Plan" and "Check The Technique." Basically, there's something for everyone on "Step In The Arena." As they on the track of the same name, some rappers are "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow," but not Gang Starr. This is serious business." - Hip-Hop Connection, 1/91.

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