January 02, 2014

"Zebrahead Soundtrack" + Nas "Halftime" (The Source, 1992)

"These days it seems like every movie must have some hip-hop on its soundtrack. Oliver Stone certainly knows what time it is; for his latest effort, "Zebrahead" about the relationship between a white guy and a black girl, he enlists the musical aid of MC Serch as executive producer. The final product is a decent collection of sounds featuring new beats and established artists alike. Kicking it off is Nasty Nas with "Half Time," the soundtrack's first and undeniably fattest single. With freestyle skills flowing like Moet, Nas gets biz, and turns the party out. Sounding at times like Lord Finesse, he raps, "You couldn't catch me on the streets without a ton of reefer / That's like Malcolm X catchin' the jungle fever," as the jingle bells rock over a steady-thumping drum and bass groove... Besides Nas and a few others, no one really shines, but as a whole, this collection should not be completely slept on." The single that started it all for (Nasty) Nas and "Illmatic," check it out below.