January 17, 2014

The Roots "From Trees To Branches: Do You Want More?!?!" (Mix)

Today marks nineteen years since the release of The Roots' sophomore album, "Do You Want More?!!?" Over the last two decades we've seen The Roots grow from small stage shows and open mics in the streets of Philly, all the way to headlining their own festival and the Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon. As they proceeded to continue to rock the mic, their impact to Hip-Hop was immediate! From the jump, they displayed an expertly mixed combination of lyricism and live musicianship, which amazed fans and influenced their peers alike. We hope today's reminiscent reflection and tribute of Hip-Hop's greatest live rap band will help you understand the complexity of seeds planted by The Roots. Dig into UnitedCrates' mix below, presented by UpNorthTrips.