January 09, 2014

Gang Starr "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (HHC, 1989)

"Every once in a while an album comes my way that dares to be different. While the rhymers aren't especially incredible, the music is first rate and the grooves are massive. The most outstanding song here is "Jazz Music" and is exactly what the title suggests: a slow easy jazz rhythm gives the MCs, Premier and the Guru, a lush bed to do their business over. Other outstanding tracks are the latino inspired, "Manifesto," a hardcore hip-hop "Gotch U" and the DJ Mark The 45 King produced, "Knowledge." This album is a fair representation of the extent of hip-hop's incredible growth in the Americas during the past few years. Months ago Gang Starr were virtual unknowns, now they've got an album out and rave reviews..." - Hip Hop Connection, 7/89 (Updated, photo added by @Illvia)

"...Tape playing loudly, inside my headphones
MC's that crowd me, turn into headstones
Because I don't have time for, powerless minds or
Suckers who suck, because I find more
Interesting topics, you can not stop it
I drop it and rock it I shock it, that's how I'm livin' B
I like to live my life with positivity..."