January 10, 2014

Crooklyn Dodgers "Crooklyn" (Review, 1994)

When you hear: "Straight from Crooklyn, better known as Brooklyn / Never takin' shorts, 'cause Brooklyn's the borough," you know it's gonna be epic! Ya know how else you know? "Masta Ace and Buckshot on a Q-Tip track? That's reason enough to get up on this single. Add that to the long-awaited return of "the magnificent" Special Ed, and you know the shit must be monumental. And "Crooklyn" won't let you down. The Abstract's beat is all bassline hypnosis and layers of loops. As the groove creates the aura, all 3 lyricists take their task to heart as they reflect on that "70s thing from the days when kids didn't act so craze / in Crooklyn." As the first single off the soundtrack of Spike Lee's new movie, the song has nothing to do with the film and the film has nothing to do with crooks (it's about family life in Brooklyn), but whatever's clever." - The Source, cont'd below...

"Panic / As another manic depressant / Adolescent / Stares at death 
Now what's left / When there ain't no God and a whole lotta pride?
It might be a homicide / So let the drama / Slide 
We don't want no problems, B / Get your name in the obituary columns, see 
Cuz life is too short / And it gets shorter / I wish I had a quarter 
for all my people they slaughter / Last year alone / In the dead zone 
Walk straight, but don't walk late 
Cuz I'm comin' with a hate only made / From what it made me 
Cuz nobody ever played me / Now it's only gettin' worse 
Buckshot and Ace in the land of the waste
Kickin' you in your face!"