January 13, 2014

Q-Tip "The Needle Drop" (Video, 2009)

This video of Q-Tip, Kanye West and Consequence surfaced back in 2009... aptly titled, "The Needle Drop," because it shows Q-Tip manually dropping the needle on Bobby Rush's "Chicken Heads" record and making a loop without the use of a sampler or other tools. This is some on-the-spot, takin' it back to the essence type shit that Q-Tip displayed. The analog days are not lost and the creatives of this industry - Q-Tip is definitely one of them - continue show how you can create, and share a vision, with next to nothing. If you aren't inspired by this, then check your pulse. From mixing two records to create the loop, to pause tapes, to bangin' on the lunch room table... and all the tricks in between... hip-hop has shown its ingenuity time and time again. One day we'll hear a record from this, I'm sure of it. Pardon the video quality, it is what it is! Much respect to Q-Tip. Watch it below!