November 25, 2014

Revival Of The Underground EP (Volume 1, 1998)

This is the first of two EPs in a series called "Revival Of The Underground" in 1998 on Smack Entertainment. The NJ label reached out to four acts for this first installment: The Alamo, Red Eye, Ghetto Seals & Rhemslepe. The only act to repeat on Volume 2 is The Alamo, who actually delivered a better track with "Never Judge A Book" on the 2nd EP, but "X Marks The Spot" here is pretty solid too. You might also dig "Do What Ya Wanna Do" from Rhemslepe - otherwise I'll be honest, this highly sought-after (and expensive) piece of vinyl isn't all that impressive. If for nothing else, I wanna let you hear it for yourself, because it wouldn't be the first time scarcity made someone overspend on something then be disappointed later. That said, check it out below.